I have had the opportunity to be the primary instructor for a wide variety of philosophy classes, core curriculum classes, and honors tutorials at both the introductory and advanced undergraduate level. I have experience teaching at both public institutions (Bridgewater State University and the University of Pittsburgh) and private institutions (Harvard Summer School and William Jewell College).

Teaching Statement
Descriptions of Courses Taught

Sample Syllabi

History of Analytic Philosophy
Philosophy of Science
Deductive Logic
Environmental Philosophy

Sample Assignments

Sample Exam
Sample Handout

Sample Evaluations

Here are some recent evaluations from each institution at which I have taught.  Please contact me if you are interested in the evaluations of an earlier course.

Bridgewater State University

Bridgewater State University uses quantitative evaluations with a 5-point scale.

Spring 2016 Symbolic Logic
Spring 2016 Foundations of Logical Reasoning
Fall 2015 Metaphysics
Fall 2015 Symbolic Logic
Fall 2015 Foundations of Logical Reasoning
Spring 2015 Philosophy of Language
Spring 2015 Symbolic Logic
Spring 2015 Foundations of Logical Reasoning 
Fall 2014 Knowledge and Truth
Fall 2014 Symbolic Logic
Fall 2014 Foundations of Logical Reasoning
Spring 2014 Metaphysics
Spring 2014 Symbolic Logic
Spring 2014 Foundations of Logical Reasoning (two sections) [1] [2]
Fall 2013 Symbolic Logic
Fall 2013 Foundations of Logical Reasoning (three sections) [1] [2] [3]

Harvard Summer School

The Harvard Summer School evaluates its instructors both quantitatively (5-point scale) and qualitatively.

Summer 2016 Deductive Logic      [summary]
Summer 2015 Deductive Logic      [summary]

Summer 2014 Deductive Logic      [summary]
Summer 2013 Deductive Logic      [summary]

William Jewell College

William Jewell College uses qualitative evaluations for core curriculum and philosophy classes.

Spring 2013 (Core) Endangerment: Languages, Species, Cultures
Spring 2013 (Core) The Responsible Self (two sections) [1] [2]
Fall 2012 (Phil) Ethics
Fall 2012 (Core) The Responsible Self
Spring 2012 (Phil) History of Philosophy: Kant-Davidson
Spring 2012 (Phil) Philosophy of Science
Fall 2011 (Core) The Responsible Self
Fall 2011 (Phil) History of Philosophy: Plato-Kant

University of Pittsburgh

The University of Pittsburgh evaluates its instructors both quantitatively (5-point scale) and qualitatively.

Summer 2010 Theory of Knowledge  [one page summary]
Spring 2010 History of Analytic Philosophy  [one page summary]